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President’s Message

Welcome to Medtech Canada

For almost 50 years, Medtech Canada – the national association representing Canada’s medical technology companies – has been working in partnership with health care providers, patients and governments to contribute to better health care and more sustainable healthcare system for Canadians.

Medtech Canada members are creating implantable devices, surgical tools, diagnostic technologies, digital health platform, and many more innovative technologies that are improving the lives of patients in Canada and around the world every day. These technologies are leading to earlier and more accurate diagnoses, less invasive procedures (meaning faster recoveries and reduced hospital stays), improved treatment options and reduced wait times – to name just a few of the benefits. The benefits offered by innovative medical technologies provide not only improved health outcomes and more efficient care, but also make a significant contribution to the sustainability of Canada’s health care system.

Through the ongoing research and development of innovative products, Canada’s medical technology industry develops technologies that are used in Canada and all over the world – while at the same time helping to drive a vitally important sector of our economy, providing employment opportunities to tens of thousands of Canadians.

Medtech Canada and our members work collaboratively with governments and our healthcare partners to remove barriers to patient access to innovative new technologies, and it’s clear that there’s increasingly greater recognition of the immense potential that the medical technology industry offers.

Thank you for your interest in Medtech Canada and your interest in this incredibly exciting, vibrant, industry and the important role it plays for Canadians!

Nicole DeKort
President and CEO